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Village Roses is a bit of a misnomer. For a start, it’s not really a village, but quite a bustling town, that their glasshouses and shade tunnels rub elbows with. For another thing, those tunnels don’t just contain roses, but emile, solidaster, herbs, kangaroo paw, and any number of seasonal flowers and fillers that the owners try out each season. And they need a regular supply of home-grown product for all the bunches of flowers making their way out of the packing shed door each week. The owners Stuart and Vikki have recently branched into floristry; in the absence of a florist in the village, they’ve readily filled the gap with bouquets and arrangements to order. The owners are cluey to local needs, making baby bunches for impulse shoppers on a budget, while keeping a weather eye out for changing fashion trends in fillers and flowers.

  • Crop Limonium , Rose

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Village Roses
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