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Nestled in a densely wooded hillside, deep in the Glasshouse Mountains, flanked by fields of toffee-brown cows, lies the solar-powered flower farm of Top of the Range. The views ‘down the range’ are idyllic; you can sit on the deck and handfeed lorikeets while you relax and admire the scenery – but there’s work to be done. The main crop here is Christmas or Festival Bush, Ceratopetalum; our pinky-red native flower that says ‘summer’ for many Australians. It is an undemanding shrub once properly established, requiring little weekly attention until the start of the annual all-hands-to-the-tractor harvest around October. Plenty of time for birdwatching, you’d think. Not for Top of the Range’s owners, who have planted gold kangaroo paw, pink protea, experimental beds of waratah – red and white, north and south facing– in the fertile volcanic soil. They’re now looking at flowering grevilleas. There’s always changes to be made in a forward-looking farm.
Natives and Wild Flowers

  • Crop Banksia , Christmas Bush, Kangaroo Paw, Leucospermum , Protea , Waratah

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