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Roseburra Gardens sells abundant bunches of roses. The flower is even part of the business name. But take a walk around the 43 acre farm with the owner and you’d be forgiven for being slightly confused. First, there’s several shade tunnels of seasonal annuals. Trees and hedges of foliage ready to cut. Then a selection of farm machinery to admire. Next a tour of the irrigation system. But all this is just an entrée to the main course, the owners’ true love – cows. Yes, really. Golden Brahmins and formidable brunette Angus gently chew the cud and watch the roses bloom.

Cows are an added attraction for the local Atherton Tablelands community groups that throng Roseburra’s packing shed for regular workshops and flower arranging classes; and for the steady stream of shoppers making the journey along the Gillies Highway to pick up a bunch of fresh-cut flowers for their home, or as a gift. The $200 the owners spent on a roadside sign proves to be a wise investment.

  • Crop Carnation , Gerbera , Lillium , Rose

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Roseburra Gardens
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