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The affable owners of Robertson Flower Farm say branding their products was the best business decision they made. And if you go into any local wholesaler and slide back the cold-room door, you’ll likely see the blue and pink of a Robertsons sleeve, or the yellow and black of their Wintersun range. Branding doesn’t make a great flower though, it just helps you identify it more easily – and Robertsons work hard on maintaining that quality. A wide range of products finds its way out of the fertile 50 acre Bundaberg farm, nestled among fields of towering sugar cane. With supply mostly peaking between April and November, during the cooler months, their flowers are sought after in the southern states’ wholesale markets. Golden sunflowers and multicolored gladioli are all the go April – Christmas and all the colours of oriental and asiatic lilies in winter; all thriving in the warm red dirt

  • Crop Iris, Lillium , Sunflower

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