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If you are in a florist shop in Australia and see a vase of absolutely perfect anthuriums, so flawless they almost look unreal, just ask the florist ‘Moermans?’ It’s almost a certainty they’ll say yes. Moerman Anthuriums has carved out a premium position in the national market in just a few short years, while raising a family and building a house at the same time. Some people just get things done! As for the flowers, Moerman’s have had to go back to first principles. Many popular international varieties don’t like the Australian climate, curling and discolouring and generally having a sulk; so Moerman’s trial and grow a huge range of new anthuriums to find those that flourish here. They also breed their own new varieties; with a success rate of 1 in 5000, and a seven year wait to see if it has worked, it’s an exercise for the dedicated gambler. We’d put our money on Moerman winning.

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